Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sew Me shares Some Love

Hello artists, creative minds and lovers of craft! Today is the beginning.

I began art school at age 21. I began teaching art at age 19. I began drawing the day I held a crayon. My grandmother gave me needle and thread, while my mom gave me a set of plastic dolls and magic markers. I rubbed off all their fake, stamped on faces and drew on my own. Now I will continue this creative journey and create my own world, where I recreate the world as I find it. Life for me lives in dusty boxes. China gave us a plethora of cheap goods, which I see as a wealth of machine-made junk waiting to be rediscovered and transformed by hand into something loved, used and unique.

Sew Me Some Love, my little craft biz will come alive September 30, 2009. I cross my fingers for her and give her my blessings. My hopes for SewMe are simple at first, but one day I hope she will blend the line between craft and art. Maybe she will inspire future crafty artists to quit their spread-sheeting day jobs and pursue their true love (soapmaking? book-binding? cupcake cooking?) allowing them to feel fully fulfilled and replace their time-in-the-car-sipping-coffee with time-with-their-kids-spilling-cocoa.

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  1. natalie!! you just came up on my newsfeed, and i found this link to your blog! it's weird blogging with someone you know in real life (there are only two instances that i've experienced this), but it's also super fun!

    i'm excited to see what your "craft biz" is like, haha.

    hope you're doing well!